Macedonia Ranked Near Top In Best Cities For Home Ownership

On July 23, 2014, in News, by Jason Roberts

DSC_0861Ohio was one of the states hit hardest by the economic downturn, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that Ohio lost just shy of 300,000 jobs over the 18-month recession. While the state’s economic recovery has been a slow process, recent figures show the unemployment rate has dropped from 7.4% just a year ago to 5.5% in May. Additionally, Ohio’s efforts to revitalize its aerospace industry and encourage foreign investment appear to have been successful, with over 438 aviation firms now operating in the state.

Homeownership in Ohio is within reach for most buyers with median monthly homeowner costs at less than 30% of income, which meets the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s standard for affordability. Coupled with an upswing in the state’s economy, purchasing a home in Ohio is likely to be a good investment. crunched the numbers to find the best cities for homeownership in Ohio. Click here to see the detailed analysis.

Specifically, Macedonia made the list with a high homeownership rate of 91.4%. While technically part of the Akron metropolitan area, Macedonia is a nearly equidistant commute from Akron or Cleveland. Macedonia’s location is not only ideal for commuting, but it is also several minutes from the sprawling 33,000-acre Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Macedonia is part of Nordonia Hills, several small towns that share public school systems and a chamber of commerce


The Country Club of Hudson would like to invite Lake Forest Estates residents to their 4th of July Fireworks on Friday at dusk. We would also like to invite you to an open house to enjoy our new and improved pool from 11 am-8 pm on Saturday, July 5th.We have recently added a water slide and pool side bar. Please bring this flyer for pool entry.

Please Contact Jillian Lick (Membership Director) for more information at 330-342-3198 or


Proxy Vote for January 29th HOA Meeting

On December 27, 2013, in News, by Jason Roberts

If you are unable to attend the HOA meeting on January 29th, please print the proxy ballot below.

Click here to download the proxy ballot

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HOA Meeting Set For January 29th, 2014

On December 19, 2013, in News, by Jason Roberts

Dear Lake Forest Estates,

This is the first “official” email sent out to the neighborhood from the newly elected HOA Board.  There are 97 emails on the list, which covers 84 homes and 6 empty lots.  The plan is to include all the home and lot owners on any emails coming from us.  So if you happen to be talking with a neighbor and they did not receive this email, please have them email us at and we will add them to the list.  Furthermore, this is, to our knowledge, the most updated and complete list.  If you feel the need to contact the neighborhood, feel free to use this list.

Although this may be our first “official” email, it contents are unofficial.  We are sending a formal request, through the mail, to invite the neighborhood and all land owners to the budget meeting being held January 29th at 7:00pm at Macedonia City Hall.  We thought we should get a head start on getting the information out to as many people as possible.  We also felt we should get the information out by as many ways as possible too, hence this email.

There are 4 attachments to this email which will make for some less then exciting reading.  However it is very important that all the information is reviewed before the meeting on the 29th.  Intentionally or unintentionally we, your HOA Board, did not do a whole lot of spending in 2013.   With the controversies surrounding the legality of the Board at the beginning of the year, we missed close to half of the year. We did not start collected dues until June, and the only major project we did fund was the cleaning of the entry way signs. However, with your help, we are very excited about the direction that this neighborhood will take in 2014.


Attachment 1. The State of Lake Forest Estates: This is a recap of the transactions and overall census of the neighborhood.  We hope that the information will give you a feel of the transformation that the neighborhood went through in 2013.  The information provided was completed towards the end of November.  Some of the information may not reflect some of the recent changes that have taking place since then.  However, the overall goal of the census is to provide you with information.  We believe that goal has been met.


Attachment 2. Invitation to the Budget Meeting: The Board has approved a budget for next year.  Please read the letter regarding the direction your Board is heading and the explanation for the increase in dues.


Attachment 3. The 2014 Budget: Although there is a proposed increase in the annual dues from years past, we feel that it is on par with other neighborhoods in the area and will allow for many positive changes to Lake Forest Estates in 2014 and beyond.  We believe that $300 per the calendar year is not asking to much from each lot owner because it will be spent with much due diligence, and not be just a number we came up.  Each project will be researched to the fullest, and will ultimately enhance our neighborhood. We truly believe that our visions of Lake Forest will increase the overall value of each home and lot.


Attachment 4. 2014 Proposed Amendments: Please review the 4 amendments that we will be proposing at the meeting in January.

As you will see, although we have been relatively quiet, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to make Lake Forest Estates into the premier neighborhood in the area.

Thank you for your time, please respond with any questions, comments, or information.

The Lake Forest HOA

P.S. The 2013 Budget Recap & Approved Fencing documents (if approved) will be sent out prior to the January meeting, but are not on this email. Sorry.

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HOA Meeting May 1, 2013

On April 28, 2013, in News, by Jason Roberts

Please plan to attend our very important HOA meeting on Wednesday, May 1st.  Sign-in will begin at 6:30pm with the meeting starting at 7:00pm.  The meeting will be in the basement of the Macedonia City Building located at 9691 Valley View Rd.

PURPOSE:  Nomination and election of 5 Owners to fill three year staggered terms.

***IMPORTANT*** To hold a legally constituted meeting, 40% of the Owners must attend the meeting in person or by proxy.  To avoid postponement of the meeting and the expense of calling another meeting, please mark your calendar and plan to attend this meeting.

You were mailed an official proxy ballot a few weeks ago.  if you didn’t receive it, please email ASAP to request another.


By Paula Schleis
Beacon Journal staff writer

Published: January 19, 2013 – 10:28 PM


MACEDONIA: For the second year in a row, this northern Summit County community — struggling to make ends meet three years ago — ended the year with a record-breaking carryover.

The nearly $6.3 million spill from 2012 is the largest in the city’s history, Mayor Don Kuchta said.

That’s a far cry from his first year in office, 2004, when he said he inherited a budget that was $227,000 in the red. When the city erased that deficit and had a carryover of $18,000 the following year, “I was ecstatic.”

This year’s carryover reflects a $70,000 increase from last year’s record carryover, Finance Director Scott Svab said.

Still, Kuchta said, he would like to ask voters this fall to extend a quarter-percent income-tax increase that expires at the end of the year.

The tax brings in about $750,000 annually. That will offset the $500,000 to $1 million the city is losing in state funding this year because of the elimination of the estate tax and a reduction in Local Government Fund support, Svab said.

Kuchta said he might recommend that City Council try a slightly different ballot issue, perhaps the same increase but specifically dedicated to road improvements.

Some of the city’s financial health can be attributed to new businesses that are feeding the city’s coffers with more income tax revenue, but Kuchta also pointed out many people sacrificed to get to the current state.

A three-year wage freeze will end this fall when employees receive a 3 percent pay increase.

The city has also been able to restore three police officer positions, a dispatcher and 10,000 hours that had been cut from the Fire Department budget.

From 2009 to 2011, the city didn’t spend a cent on capital expenditures, such as roads, equipment replacement or buildings.

The city opened its wallet last year to start catching up.

“We spent approximately $1.4 million in capital that includes new playground equipment, snow plow truck, street line marking, [three] police cars, and paving and storm water projects throughout the city,” Svab said.

This year’s plans call for more residential road work and the purchase of a $60,000 road sealing machine.

The bounty has also allowed the city to tuck $500,000 into a “legacy cost” fund that would pay for retirement-related benefits so that “if a bunch of people retire at once, it won’t jeopardize the city,” Kuchta said.

Despite the reduction in state help, Macedonia stands to gain when the new Northfield Park Hard Rock-themed racino opens this year. The attraction is just a mile from the city’s borders.

“We’re ready. Bring it on,” Kuchta said of the expected visitor traffic that could bolster everything from area restaurants and gas stations to retail stores.

“Getting people on your property is what it’s all about,” he said.

The city has been enjoying about $100,000 a year in extra income tax revenue because of recent federally funded road improvements, including the completed bridge over state Route 82 and the ongoing project to build a land bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks on Highland Road.

While that will come to an end when the last of those crews disappears this fall, some temporary revenue will be generated in 2014, when the third phase of the state Route 82 project begins, adding a turning lane from East Aurora Road to the Twinsburg city limits.

When all of state Route 82 and Highland Road are complete, the combined $40 million in improvements will have cost the city only $2.7 million, with the rest coming from federal funds.

Kuchta said the only major artery in the city that has not been improved is South Bedford Road. The city can’t tackle that repaving effort this year because the road is a detour for the Highland Road project. It could be done in 2014, at a cost of more than $1 million.

The mayor said he is a huge fan of road improvements, both for the temporary revenue they generate from construction crews and the benefit they provide to area businesses.

The state Route 82 bridge project that turned a two-lane traffic jam into a five-lane road “is putting us on the map,” Kuchta said. And the Highland Road project, where passing trains regularly tied up trucks and cars, will do the same.

Paula Schleis can be reached at 330-996-3741 Follow her on Twitter at


Breakfast Buffet with Santa

On October 31, 2012, in News, by Jason Roberts

Saturday, November 17
9:30 – 11:30 am

Santa will be taking a break from making toys and wants YOU to join him and a few of his elves for a catered breakfast, a holiday craft and picture with your jolly old’ friend.  Enjoy holiday music and help countdown the lighting of the City Christmas Tree. Bring your own camera. Santa wants to see you dressed in your holiday best! Enjoy a variety of goodies at our breakfast buffet!

Fee per person: $5.00
Children under 6 FREE

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Beware of Offers to Help Reduce Property Taxes

On October 31, 2012, in News, by Jason Roberts

from the Macedonia Messenger

Consumers are receiving letters from companies offering to lower their property taxes.
These companies will charge fees to research and dispute your property’s assessment,
guaranteeing that they will lower your taxes. Even though some companies might
actually perform some work by filing a request for a property reassessment on your
behalf. Consumers may do the same thing for FREE.

“Scammers are extremely good at tricking consumers into paying for services that can
be done for free or by not providing them with what was promised,” said Cynthia Sich,
Director of the Summit County Office of Consumer Affairs. “If you receive material in
the mail, by telephone or email, call our office at 330-643-2879 to check on a
company’s complaint history before you pay or agree to their service.”

The Summit County Office of Consumer Affairs reminds consumers to watch out for:

1. Letters that look as if they are from government agencies, but in fact are
from private companies.
2. Requires an upfront fee to challenge an assessment.
3. Services that request a certified copy of your property deed, costing you
more money.
4. Companies that ask for your Social Security number.

The Summit County Fiscal Office’s Board of Revision, reviews complaints about
property values. To learn how to file complaints contact the Board of Revision at 330-
926-2559, or visit
Fiscal Officer Scalise said, “Any property owner who wishes to file against the valuation
of real property can do so on your own.” Scalise further stated, “There is no cost or fee
to file with Board of Revision.”

By statute, an application can be submitted to the Board of Revision after January 1
but prior to the close of business at 4 p.m. on March 31.

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Halloween Trick Or Treat Postponed Due To Weather

On October 29, 2012, in News, by Jason Roberts

The City of Macedonia just sent an email out to those subscribed to the Recreation Department email distribution list that Halloween Trick or Treat will be postponed due to weather to November 3rd 6:00 – 8:00pm. Please LIKE our Facebook page for more updates.  We will also try to post news here as well. Your official source would be the City of Macedonia website.  We only have 31 residents linked to this Facebook page, so please share this with your neighbors and friends (and suggest they LIKE our page too!)


Macedonia Leaf Collection

On October 2, 2012, in News, by Jason Roberts

The City of Macedonia will start the Autumn Leaf Collection Program on October 22, 2012. The following is a list of guidelines to follow that ensures an efficient collection of your leaves:

LEAF PILES IN WINDROWS: Place leaves into long windrows, not big piles, along your tree lawn on curbed streets, or along the street side of the ditchline or berm. If you have no berm, you can place the leaves on the house side of the ditchline.

NOT IN THE STREET OR DITCH: Under all cases, DO NOT PLACE LEAVES INTO THE STREET or DO NOT FILL THE DRAINAGE DITCHES in that this causes safety and drainage hazards. Blocked water flow has the potential to cause flooding.

ALL WINDROWS WITHIN 10 FEET FROM ROAD EDGE: All leaf windrows shall be placed no further than 10 feet from the roadway edge, which is the maximum reach of the leaf vacuum hose. Crews will not go further than 10 feet from the roadway edge to collect leaves.

ONLY LEAVES, PLEASE! Do not place sticks, twigs, trash, rocks, grass clippings, or other foreign material in the windrows, in that these materials can clog or cause damage to the vacuum machines. If these items are found in your windrow, the crew will stop collection and not return until the debris is removed.

ALL WINDROWS 10 FEET AWAY FROM OBSTRUCTIONS: Place leaf windrows a minimum of 10 feet away from obstructions such as; mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and landscaping features. These items
make leaf vacuuming more time consuming and difficult.

**COLLECTION SCHEDULE: Leaf crews follow a collection schedule based on a list of streets in the city. Crews start with the first neighborhood and street on the list, then work their way through each area until the entire city has received a collection. Once complete with a full round, crews will start again at the top of the list. Crews will not return to a previously-collected area until the entire list has been collected. As a general practice, crews start with the streets South of Rt. 82 and work their way North. The exact list of neighborhoods and streets in the order of collection as well as crew where-a-bouts can be viewed at 

RAKE LEAVES EARLY AND OFTEN: Rain and / or snow cause delays to our collection efforts, so the earlier you rake your leaves out for collection the better the job the City can do to get them picked up efficiently. The same workers and trucks that are used to collect leaves are also used to plow snow and spread salt, so inclement weather will cause delays.

END OF COLLECTION: The last day to place your leaves out for collection is Monday, November 26, 2012 AT 7:00 A.M., weather permitting. On this date, the City will start one final round of leaf collection throughout
the city. If your leaves are placed out after this date and after we passed by, you will not receive collection. If you have any questions about the leaf collection service, or would like to know what area our crews are
working in, please call the Service Department office at 330- 468-8324 or see 

SPECIAL NOTE – TREE & BRUSH DEBRIS: Please remove all branch debris from roadside areas. Brush can either be bundled in 3-4 foot lengths weighing no more than 40 lbs. for collection by your refuse hauler, or
can be dropped off at the Service Garage Drop-Off Site, located at 9000 Valley View Rd. The drop-off site is open during normal business hours from MON-FRI 6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. All brush that is dropped off is mixed
with leaf humus and ground up to make a high-quality free mulch for residents. The refuse hauler will also collect any bagged leaves or trimmings left out with your refuse on your regular refuse day, year-round.

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